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Adding Servant-Leadership to your business is the best investment any business can make

Everyone wants to be entrepreneurs which is awesome but a lot comes with being a entrepreneur . You can’t decide to start your own business solely because of the money. I mean don’t get me wrong, the money can be good and it can feel so good to own your own business but that can’t be your main reason. With being a entrepreneur, you have to be a people person. Nobody is going to invest in your business if you have a nasty attitude and your customer service is horrible. Nobody is going to invest in your business if you’re all about the money and your product or service is terrible. Yes, being a entrepreneur can get challenging and you may have to deal with difficult people but that’s all apart of being a entrepreneur. You have to have a passion for whatever it is that you’re doing. The best and most effective leaders are servant-leaders. Those type of leaders main priority is to serve others, make sure others are satisfied and put the needs of others before themselves. Being an entrepreneur, you have to have a good amount of patience and it requires professionalism at all times. You’re a boss so you can’t be arguing and about to go to blows with your customers... that’s not being a boss and maybe entrepreneurship is not for you if you can’t control your attitude and keep your composure. Sometimes you will make a mistake which is normal but what’s going to make the difference is how you handle the mistake. People/Customers will respect you more when you own up to your mistake(s) and try to figure out a solution that will satisfy both parties. Lush Hair Bundlez pride ourselves in operating our business as servant-leaders and this is what makes us different from other businesses.

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